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When making a decision about a major life event, such as buying a home, planning for retirement, or saving for college or a special event, it’s helpful to get as much information as possible.

Using the calculators below along with discussions with specialists at Meredith Village Savings Bank can help you in making the best decisions for your situation and goals.

Please feel free to contact us in the way that is most convenient to you to discuss your goals – and how you can apply the calculations to your life.

Savings Calculator
Determine how your savings will grow over time to help you save for that special event or purchase.

Investment Calculator
Discover how monthly contributions can affect the value of your investment.

College Savings Calculator
Investigate how much you should save – and when you should start.

Retirement Funds Calculator
Establish a timeline and savings plan that can help you meet your retirement goals.

Loan Calculator
Compute the estimated cost and timeline for your next big purchase.

Mortgage Calculator
Estimate your monthly payments to buy, build, improve or refinance your home – including insurance and property taxes.


These results are approximate and are intended for your information only; they are not an endorsement or offering. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed by this bank and is only meant to be an approximate guideline.