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Pay your bills from the comfort of your own home.

At MVSB, we want to make your busy life easier, and help you get your errands done faster while saving money at the same time.

One way is with Bill Pay—a convenient, fast, and secure online service that lets you bank any time of day or night…from anywhere you have internet access.

Use Bill Pay to pay all your bills online from your checking account. All of our checking accounts offer Bill Pay at no extra charge!

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See the expandable menus below to learn more about how to use Bill Pay.

Signing Up

If you are a new Online Banking user registering online, you will have the option to enroll in Bill Pay at the same time you register for Online Banking – simply, check the box saying you wish to enroll, accept the Agreement and you will be registered.

If you are an existing Online Banking user with a valid checking account and want to enroll in Bill Pay:

  1. Log on to Online Banking and click the Bill Pay or Signup for payments in the Bill Payment widget.
  1. Click Click here to sign up for Bill Payment.


  1. Verify that your Bill Payment name and contact information is correct and make any necessary updates.
  2. Select your primary Bill Payment account from the drop down menu and assign an account nickname.


  1. Click Click here to review the Meredith Village Savings Bank Bill Pay Agreement to review the agreement and check the box to confirm that you accept the agreement.
  2. Click Continue to proceed.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm your enrollment and review and accept the agreement. Check the box next to each item.
  4. You will be presented with a summary of the information you entered. Review this information carefully and click Edit to make changes or Continue to proceed.

Accessing and Navigating Bill Pay

From the Online Banking Home Page, you can access Bill Pay from the Bill Pay main navigation tab. If you already have payees set up, you can also access Bill Pay from the Make a Payment widget on the Home Page by clicking Go to my payments.

The Bill Pay Main Page is the central page to add and manage payees and payments. From this page you can:

  1. Add new payees
  2. Enroll in and view eBills
  3. View payment reminders
  4. Schedule regular and expedited payments
  5. View your scheduled and recently processed payments
  6. Edit or delete scheduled payments
  7. Edit, delete or hide payees


The My Bills & People I Pay section can be used to edit payees and schedule payments.

The My Payments area on the right of the screen displays scheduled or pending payments and up to the last 10 processed payments.

In the Add a Payee section at the bottom of the page you can add a payee by typing the payees name or selecting a payee from the list of common payees at the bottom of the screen.

Adding and Managing Payees

If you are new to Bill Pay you will receive a welcome screen when you access Bill Pay for the first time after you have signed up. To begin using Bill Pay, type the name of the first payee you would like to add in the Who do you need to pay? field and click Add or select a payee from the list of common payees at the bottom of the screen.


You will be prompted to enter and verify your account number for the payee and the payee’s address. If the payee you have entered is already on file with our Bill Pay provider, the address will automatically be pulled in for you.

After adding your first payee you will be brought to the Bill Pay Main Page. From this page you can always add additional payees by typing the payees in the Need to pay someone new? field at the top of the screen or in the Add a payee field at the bottom of the screen. You can also add a payee by selecting from the list of common payees at the bottom of the screen.

A horizontal box wraps around each payee record. This area includes the payee name, link to view eBill (if available for payee), bill due reminders, fields to schedule a payment, and the options link. When you click on the Options link, you will see the expanded payee section. From this area you can:

  • Manage eBills (if available for payee)
  • Schedule next due reminders
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Schedule expedited check or electronic (ACH) payments (if available for payee)
  • And change your account information for the payee

Making a Payment from the Make a Payment Widget

If you have already established your payees, you can quickly make one-time payments from the Bill Payment widget. Simply select the payee from the drop-down menu, select the date you would like the payment to be sent on, enter the amount and click submit!



Making a Payment from the Bill Pay Main Page

Payments and payees can be managed from the Bill Pay Main Page, which is accessed by clicking the Bill Pay tab in the main navigation menu.

To make a payment:

  1. Locate the payee you wish to pay in the My Bills & People I Pay section
  2. Enter the amount and select the date you would like the bill to be paid
  3. Click Pay

Click the Options link under any payee to expand additional options. From this screen you can:

  1. Click History to view a history of payments made to this payee
  2. Sign up for and receive eBills
  3. Schedule Next Due Reminder emails
  4. Schedule Automatic Payments
  5. Schedule Expedited Payments (additional fees apply)
  6. Update your payee Account Information

Automatic Payments

Within the Options for each payee, you can select Automatic Payment to schedule payments to be automatically sent for the eBill payment amount delivered or a payment amount you designate. You can pay the full balance or the minimum amount due (if applicable) – and you can even request that the system automatically send the payment if it’s under an amount you designate!


Expedited Payments

Need your payment to get there faster? The expedited payment option allows you to process payments to your payee that arrive within 1-2 business days. The option to send an overnight check is available to all payees. Payees that can receive electronic transfers will also present the option to receive an expedited electronic transfer. Please note: There is a convenience fee for all expedited payments. The current fee will be clearly stated on the expedited payments screen next to the payment type and will be included in the payment amount that it is withdrawn from your account.

To make an expedited payments:

  1. Visit the Bill Pay tab
  2. Select the Options link under the payee you would like to pay
  3. Select Expedited payment
  4. Complete the Expedited payment Once you select the Payment type the Deliver by date will adjust to let you know when you can expect your payee will receive the payment.
  5. Click Make payment

Expedited Electronic Transfer Form

bill-pay8Expedited Overnight Check Payment Form



Managing Funding Accounts

When you first sign up for Bill Pay, you will be asked to designate a “Funding Account” which is the account Bill Pay uses to draw funds when you pay a bill. If you would like to add another Meredith Village Savings Bank funding account:

  1. Visit the Bill Pay tab
  2. In the bottom-right corner of the screen select Manage funding account(s) from the I want to… menu


  1. Click Add an account


  1. Complete the appropriate fields and click “Add account”


  1. In the next 2-3 business days, our bill payment provider will make 2 small deposits to the account you are adding. Once you have received these deposits, re-visit the Manage funding account(s) page and use the Validate link to enter the amounts of the deposits.

If you have multiple funding accounts, the option to designate your Default funding account will appear. Use the Change link to designate a different account as your primary funding account.


Payees can offer Bill Presentment (eBills) if they have a relationship with our Bill Pay provider, FIS, or the payee is able to offer bills electronically. If available, you can enroll in eBills for the payee by selecting the message underneath the payee, clicking Get eBill, or by visiting the Options link for the payee. If eBills are not available for a payee, these options will not appear.

To sign up:

  1. Visit the Bill Pay tab
  2. Within the My Bills & People I Pay section, click the message underneath the payee, Get Started, or access the Your Bill (eBill) section within Options
  3. Select your billing cycle
  4. Enter the User ID and Password that you use to log in on the payee’s site
  5. Click Get your eBill delivered here


It can take about a day for your eBill enrollment to fully process. Once set up, you will be able to view eBills for your payee directly through online banking, and your payment amount and due date will be automatically pre-filled on the Bill Pay screen. In the Automatic Payment section under Options, you can preset your bills to be automatically paid on a certain date and up to a certain dollar amount you designate.

Editing, Deleting and Hiding Payees

You can edit, delete, or hide payees from the Bill Pay screen.

To edit a payee:

  1. Access the Bill Pay tab
  2. Click Options under the payee you wish to edit
  3. Click Account Information and make any necessary edits
  4. Click Save to confirm your changes

To delete or hide a payee:

  1. Access the Bill Pay tab
  2. Click Options under the payee you wish to delete
  3. In the Not paying this anymore? box, click Delete to permanently delete the payee or Hide to hide if from the My Bills & People I Pay

To restore a hidden payee:

  1. Access the Bill Pay tab
  2. In the My Bills & People I Pay section, click (#) hidden
  3. Select Show next to the payee you would like to restore
  4. The payee will be restored on your payee list.


Managing Payments

A list of scheduled and recently processed payments will appear in the My Payments section on the right side of the Bill Pay Main Page. If a scheduled payment can be edited or canceled the edit (pencil) and/or cancel (X) icon will appear next to the payment. You can use these buttons to make changes to scheduled payments. You’ll also notice that the system automatically calculates the total dollar amount of scheduled payments, which may be helpful when balancing your checkbook or determining your available balance.

At the top of the My Payments section is a search bar that can be used to search for payments within your Bill Pay history. For a more detailed look at your payment history, click View payment history. 

At the bottom of the My Payments section is a list of recently processed payments. Click the magnifying glass icon next to each payment to view additional details.


Bill Pay Email Notifications

Bill Pay offers a number of email notification options to help keep you informed of the status of your payments. By default you will receive all available Bill Pay email notifications. To manage the notifications you receive:

  1. Visit the Bill Pay tab
  2. In the bottom-right corner of the screen select Edit reminder and alert preferences from the I want to… menu


  1. Check the box next to any alerts you want to receive. Uncheck the box if you no longer wish to receive these alerts.