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Cut down mail, not trees. Go green with eStatements.

Now you can go paperless and choose to get your monthly statements online instead of through the mail. Each month, you’ll receive an email notification that your account statement is ready. Simply log in and view your statement. It’s that easy.

Why use eStatements

  • Reduce clutter. No more mailed statements. You can print them at home – or choose not to!
  • MVSB is here if you need a hard copy of a check or other item.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • They’re quick. You’ll get an email as soon as your statement cycle closes. No more waiting for the paper mail.
  • Never leave your home or office. eStatements mean fewer trips to the post office or your mail box.
  • It’s free!

See the expandable menus below to learn more about how to use eStatements.

Signing up

To sign up for electronic statements (eStatements):

  1. Click the eStatement link under the Additional Services tab
  2. Review the Online Statement Delivery Agreement and E-Sign Disclosure
  3. Click Accept to accept the agreement

Please note that when you sign up for eStatements, all eligible accounts tied to your online banking will be enrolled. If you’d still like to receive a paper statement for some of your accounts, please contact us for assistance.

Viewing eStatements

You’ll receive a notification email each time a new statement is available. To view your eStatements:

  1. Click the eStatement link under the Additional Services tab
  2. Select the account you want to view statements for and click Submit


  1. A listing of available statements will appear
  2. Click on the statement you would like to view and it will open in a separate window