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Our mission as a mutual savings bank is to independently and profitably serve our communities, customers, and employees.

A Historical Note:

Meredith Village Savings Bank was established by Seneca A. Ladd in 1869. He and his associates set out to create the Bank when Ladd realized that the workers at his piano factory were unable to successfully save their earnings. With that in mind, he created the following mission statement:

The design of this Bank is to enable industrious persons of all classes to invest such part of their earnings as they can conveniently spare, in a safe and profitable manner. It is intended to encourage the industrious prudent, and to induce those who have not been such to lessen their unnecessary expenses, and lay by something for a period of life when they will be less able to provide for themselves. Every clerk, apprentice, domestic, and child should have an account with some Bank of this kind.

Throughout our history, Ladd’s mission has been altered to reflect changing times, customer needs and modern bank practices, but still honor the original intent with which the Bank was founded.