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Five great checking accounts to choose from.

There are no “one size fits all” accounts at Meredith Village Savings Bank. Whatever your needs, we have the checking account that makes sense for you. What’s more, in just a few minutes, you can open your account online and start enjoying the benefits of banking with MVSB.

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REAL ValueMOBILE AdvantageFREE CheckingLIQUID GoldSENIOR Advantage

RealValue Checking

REALValue combines great account terms with a variety of money-saving benefits. With a REALValue checking account, you can get discounts at more than 500 local merchants for many of the items and services you purchase every day and take advantage of a growing list of national benefits available through our partnership with GenGold® including:

  • Savings on gift cards and restaurant dining certificates.
  • Airfare, hotel, car rental discounts, cruises and other travel services.
  • Discounts on prescriptions, dental plans, vision care, even veterinary services for your pet… and much more!

Plus, with a REALValue checking account, you will earn interest, get free or discounted checks and free online bill payment with NetPay, plus savings on closing costs if you get a mortgage at MVSB.

The more often you take advantage of your discounts, the greater the value. With your REALValue account, you can easily save much more than the small monthly service charge.

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MobileAdvantage Checking

A great rate. No minimum balance. No monthly service charges, Mobile Advantage makes it easy.

With Mobile Advantage, you:

  • Earn a great interest rate
  • Get FREE NetPay
  • Save time, money, and paper!

Mobile Advantage is a practical and powerful checking account that keeps pace with your busy lifestyle. You can earn great interest on checking, simply for doing things you normally do anyway—like using your debit card to buy everyday items such as groceries and lunch.

To qualify for the amazing rate, you simply pay with your debit card 14 times per statement cycle (that’s just three to four times a week!) and enjoy the convenience of online statements.

Imagine—actually earning interest just for paying by debit card! Need gas? Pay at the pump and drive up your earning power. Even using it to buy your morning coffee can fuel your savings. Plus, using a debit card is safer and more convenient than carrying cash … and smarter than ringing up balances on a credit card.

So what are you waiting for? Get going…and earn a great rate on checking with Mobile Advantage. This special offer will not last forever.

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Free Checking
This basic account has no monthly service charge, no minimum balance required and unlimited check writing.

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Earn a great interest rate on an account that gives you the flexibility you want…and the return you deserve! With Liquid Gold, you can put your money to work for you, but still have quick and easy access to your balance.


  • Great interest rate - without putting your money in a CD or some far away fund
  • FREE checks
  • FREE NetPay online bill pay service
  • A checking account with money market rates

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Available to customers 65 years and older, this convenient account offers free NetTeller Online Banking and NetPay bill payment service, free starter checks—and much more.