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Deposit checks in a flash, right from your business.

Instead of running to the bank with checks for deposit, send them electronically, at the push of a button. With Deposit Express from Meredith Village Savings Bank, you’ll save time, trouble and money.

Faster. Easier.

Deposit Express gives you the power to deposit checks whenever you’d like so you and your staff can make more productive and profitable use of your time. With Deposit Express you can:

  • Make deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Save gas and time

Simple to use.

If you can make a copy, you can make a deposit with Deposit Express. Meredith Village Savings Bank will provide all the equipment, support and on-site training you need.

Save time and money.

Deposit Express costs just pennies per deposit and there are plans available for companies who handle small or large volumes of checks. In fact, when you consider all the time and gas you’ll save on bank runs, Deposit Express is a convenience that a company can really cash in on.

Check it out.

For complete details, call our Business Team at 800-922-6872.