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Make your home the house of your dreams.

Fix a roof. Remodel a kitchen. Add a bedroom. Home improvements are a great way to add functionality, and maybe even value, to your property. Whatever you need, MVSB can help.

If you’re looking for the best way to finance your home improvements, we’ll walk you through the process and discuss the variety of loan options available to you… so when you walk across the threshold of your new kitchen, bathroom or across your hardwood floors, you can do it with confidence.

Your best solution may be a fixed-interest home equity loan. Or perhaps you need just a little extra cash and a home improvement loan or a line of credit. Isn’t it nice knowing you can find all of your solutions under one roof?

Work With the Experts

Mortgage specialists at Meredith Village Savings Bank do their homework. They know the market. They know the products. They know the area—and moreover, they work hard to get to know you.

At Meredith Village Savings Bank, we believe success starts with great relationships. We’ve built solid relationships with local builders, real estate companies, and other industry experts. As a result, we can design loans especially for the local market and can make the entire process easier for anyone who wants to turn their house into the home of their dreams. Other advantages include:

  • Automatic loan payments
  • Knowledgeable specialists who come to you
Home Equity Line of Credit

One option you may want to consider is a Home Equity Line of Credit. Consider the benefits:

  • A home equity line means quick access to cash – use it to pay for home improvements, buy a vehicle, pay bills or for any other needs you may have
  • A great introductory rate
  • Interest may be tax deductible on your personal returns. Consult a tax advisor for more information.

How can you tap into the value of your home – and start taking advantage of these benefits? It’s easy – and fast!

To learn more about Home Equity Lines of Credit, click here.


* Consult a tax advisor for more information.

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