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Free access to your MVSB accounts from your cell phone or smart phone browser. Anytime. Anywhere.

With MVSB Mobile Banking, you can use your cell phone to:

  • View balances and transactions
  • Pay bills or transfer funds
  • View alerts and updates about your accounts
  • Locate MVSB ATMs and branches
  • Deposit Checks

See the expandable menus below to learn more about how to use Mobile Banking.

Mobile App Banking


Click the links below for demos specific to each mobile device:

Getting Started

All Online Banking users also have the option to access their accounts via MVSB’s iPhone, iPad or Android apps. To get started:

  1. Download the MVSBMobile App from your app store
  2. Access the MVSBMobile App by tapping the icon on your mobile device


  1. Enter your Username and Password (this will be the same Username and Password that you use to log in to your Online Banking account) and tap Login


  1. As an added layer of security, you will be asked to confirm your identity by responding to a text or call at one of the phone numbers we have on file for you.


  • If you select the Call me option, you will receive a verification code by voice call.
  • If you select the Text me option, you will receive a verification code by text. Reply back to the message with the verification code.


  1. Return back to the app screen and within a minute your response will be verified and you will receive a message letting you know that the verification was successful. Tap Go to my accounts to be brought to your mobile banking home page.


Logging In

Access MVSB’s iPhone, iPad or Android applications (app) by tapping the MVSBMobile Icon on your device.


Enter your username and password (the same as your Online Banking username and password) and tap Log in. If you would like the app to remember your username on your mobile device so that you do not need to enter it every time you log in, slide the bar next to Save username.


App Navigation

Once logged in, you’ll be presented with a menu of options. Simply tap a menu option to be brought to the feature you would like to use.

mobile-banking6 If at any time you wish to return to the main menu/home screen, tap the Home icon.


Tap the Log Out icon in the top-right corner of the screen to end your mobile banking session.mobile-banking8

View Accounts and Account History

Tap View Accounts to view a listing of your accounts along with the available balance. Tap any of the accounts in the list to be brought for detailed account history for the selected account.


To transfer fund between your MVSB accounts:

  1. Tap Transfer Money
  2. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from
  3. Select the account you wish to transfer funds to
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Tap Transfer
  6. Tap Confirm 

You will be presented with a confirmation screen when your transfer has been successfully completed.

Tap the Go to my accounts button to go back to the View Accounts screen or Another transfer to initiate another transfer.


Pay Bills

To pay bills using your mobile device, you must first register for Bill Pay through online banking. The Pay Bills icon will only appear if you have registered for Bill Pay.

To pay a bill using Mobile Banking:

1. Tap Pay Bills
2. Tap Make a new payment
3. Tap the existing payee you wish to pay or add a new payee. To add a new payee:
a. Begin typing the name under Need to pay someone new? If the system recognizes the name as you are typing, it will appear in the list of Common Payees. Simply tap the option in the list of Common Payees list if your payee appears. If the payee is not recognized, type the full name and tap Add
b. Enter the payee contact and account information
c. Tap Add Payee
4. Select the account you wish to pay the bill from
5. Enter the amount
6. Select the Send on date. Once you select the date you would like the payment to be sent, the Deliver By date will appear letting you know when the payment is expected to be delivered.
7. Tap Pay
8. Tap Confirm

You will receive a confirmation screen letting you know your payment has successfully been scheduled. If you would like to cancel the payment, please tap Cancel payment.

Tap the Go to my accounts button to go back to the View Accounts screen or Make another payment to initiate another payment.


Deposit Checks

To learn how to deposit checks, visit our Mobile Deposit page.


Wondering where the closest MVSB branch or ATM is? The Locations feature can be accessed from any screen within mobile banking – even if you haven’t logged in.


Simply tap the Locations icon to find locations near your current location, near a particular zip code, or near a particular city and state. Please note: You must enable Location Services for MVSBMobile within your mobile device settings to use the Find Locations Near Me option.


Mobile Web Banking


To watch a mobile web banking demo, click here.


Text Message Banking

Signing Up

Text Message Banking is another convenient tool you can use to quickly obtain account information on your phone. To use this service you must be a registered online banking user and you must be able to send and receive text messages through your mobile device. Standard text messaging charges apply.

To sign up for Text Message Banking:

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Click the Text Banking & Alerts in the Additional Services tab
  3. Click the Activate button located in the Text Message Banking section


  1. Enter your cell phone number
  2. Review the terms and conditions and check the box next to I have read and accepted the full terms and conditions
  3. Click the Next button (you can also click cancel at any time if you do not wish to proceed)


  1. An activation code will be sent to your phone by text message.


  1. When you receive the code, enter it in the Enter your code here: field and click Next. If you do not receive your code, you can use the Resend it link to have it sent to you again.


  1. Select the primary account on which you would like to receive a balance by texting BAL or recent transactions by texting LAST.
  2. Designate whether or not you would like to be able to make transfers to your primary account from a secondary account by text message using the drop-down menu. The primary account will always be the ‘to’ (receiving) account and any secondary account you select will be the ‘from’ (sending) account.
  3. Under SMS Alerts, check the box next to any alerts you would like to receive.


  1. Click Finish and you will receive the following welcome text message on your phone:
    • MVSB Banking. Welcome. Text us BAL, BAL ALL anytime. Reply HELP for help or call 800-922-6872. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg freq dpnds on settings

Optional: After you have successfully added a phone number for Text Message Banking, you have the option of adding another phone number for the same primary account. This means that users with joint accounts can both enroll for Text Message Banking using different phone numbers. On the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab, just click Activate another phone to enter a second phone number and follow the activation steps above.

Request Commands/Keywords

A variety of text commands/keywords can be sent to the MVSB short code, 454545, and each command can be phrased in more than one way (e.g., BAL or BALANCE). The following requests can be sent:

  • BAL (or BALANCE) – System returns the current and available balance on the primary account.
  • BAL CHK (or BAL CHECK, BAL CHECKING ACCOUNT) – System returns the current account balances of all active checking accounts.
  • BAL SAV (or BAL SAVE, BAL SAVING, BAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT) – System returns the current balances all active savings accounts. Money Market accounts are not included.
  • BAL ALL (or ALL BAL, BALANCE ALL, ALL BALANCE) – System returns the current balances for all of the user’s active accounts.
  • LAST (or LAST5, LAST 5, LAST FIVE, LAST TRANS) – System returns the most recent five transactions on their primary account.
  • TRANS (or TRANSFER, TRAN, T) + $amount – System returns updated balances for the transfer account and the primary account. Note: dollar sign is not necessary
  • HELP (or HLP) – System returns information related to using text message banking.
  • STOP (or END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, QUIT) – System terminates text message banking for that phone.

To print out a wallet-size key list of keywords, visit the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab within online banking and click “Print wallet insert”.



Weekly Balance Alerts

If you have opted to receive weekly balance notifications for your primary account by text message, you will receive this message every Friday at the phone number you provided.

To stop receiving weekly notifications, go to the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab within Online Banking and deselect the checkbox for weekly alerts.


Low Balance Alerts

If you have opted to receive low balance notifications for your primary account by text message, you will receive a text message any time your primary account balance falls below the designated amount.

To stop receiving low balance notifications, go to the Mobile Banking & Alerts tab within Online Banking and deselect the checkbox for weekly alerts.


Managing and Deactivating

To edit your settings or deactivate Text Message Banking or deactivate this service, please visit the Mobile Banking Alerts tab within Online Banking. Click the Deactivate link next to the phone number to discontinue Text Message Banking for this device. You can also edit any settings you would like to change and click the Save Changes button to confirm.